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Breast Lift - No one does it better

Breast Lift-Mastopexy-Breast Uplift-IndosurgeryBreast lift surgery - Mastopexy, firms and raises the breasts by tightening the breast tissue and removing the extra skin. It is also known as Breast Firming Surgery and Breast Tightening Surgery. This surgery improves the shape of the breasts by firming them up and raising the droopy breasts, sagging breasts or loose breasts which may have started to sag and maybe have become soft or loose after pregnancy, nursing, change in body weight, gravity or with the age. Today, worldwide, more and more women are opting for full and shapely firm breasts.

The Breast Sag can be categorized broadly into Four categories which appear as under.

Sagging Breast Correction Surgery - Indosurgery, Mumbai, India

To summarize Breast Lift Surgery is for women who have a condition of Drooping, Sagging, Unshapely breasts. This surgery lifts and reshapes the breasts and corrects drooping or sagging breasts.

  • Breast Lift Surgery uplifts the breasts to correct the breast sag without any change in the size of the breasts - ideal for drooping or sagging breasts where no change in breast size is required.

  • Breast Lift Surgery and Breast Reduction Surgery can be done together for patients who want reduction in breast size and breast lift together - ideal for big drooping or sagging breasts.

  • Breast Lift Surgery and Breast Implant Surgery can be done together for patients who want to enhance small breasts with breast uplift. - Ideal for small sagging or drooping or sagging breasts.

If looking for only breast reduction then please go to Breast Reduction.

Types of breast lift procedures

The choice of procedure is made by the surgeon on the basis of breast size, degree of breast sagging, breast looseness, skin elasticity, extra skin, position of areola etc. This decision is made at the time of physical consultation. All these procedures are FDA approved.

  1. Anchor Breast Lift : The incision is known as Anchor Incision. It encircles the areola and then goes down vertically to the base of the breast and then horizontally under the breast. See graphic below.

  2. Doughnut Mastopexy : The incision encircles the areola only and does not extend to the base of the breast. See graphic below.

  3. Vertical Mastopexy : The incision encircles the areola and then goes down vertically to the base of the breast. It is known as lollypop incision. The horizontal incision under the breast is not made. See graphic below.

anchor-mastopexy-india-mumbai-delhi-indosurgery doughnut-mastopexy-india-mumbai-delhi-indosurgery vertical-mastopexy-india-mumbai-delhi-indosurgery







 The graphics on the left give a sense

 of the type of incision on the breasts

 as described in the above text.





Results Of Breast Lift Surgery

Results of breast lift procedure are visible immediately after the surgery and last long and this period is further enhanced if implants are also inserted as a part of the procedure subject to requirement.

Breast Uplift Surgery can take between 2 to 4 hours to perform and is done under general anesthesia or local anesthesia with sedation and may require overnight hospitalization.


All types of breast lift surgeries will result in scarring which will flatten and fade to a great extent gradually. Exceptionally good surgical hands can minimize scarring to a great extent and provide a balanced uplifted breasts.

After the Breast Lift surgery the patient may experience temporary pain, bruising, discomfort, decreased nipple sensation etc which are controlled by medication. A special supporting bra may be recommended to be worn for a few weeks.


Chances of Breast Feeding after Breast Lift Surgery i,e Mastopexy are 50 - 50.

Back to work in 3 to 5 days depending on the procedure and healing. Complete internal healing in 3 to 4 weeks.

Breast lift procedure can be combined with Breast Reduction Procedure, Breast Augmentation procedure, Liposuction, Tummy Tuck, Mommy Makeover, Nose Surgery, Female Genital Rejuvenation etc.

Reputed, Senior Female Super - Specialist surgeon along with her all female team is also available for Female patients preferring to be operated by a female surgeon in India at Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore.

Cost of female breast lift surgery

Happy Serving EXCLUSIVELY A SELECT FEW Who Value Quality And Results.

The cost of female breast lift surgery differs from patient to patient depending on her condition, type of procedure, use of silicone implant etc. For Cost of Female Breast Lift Surgery you will have to discuss your case with us. However, Indosurgery's Best Price Policy ensures Mastopexy at Reasonable Costs - At much less than what is charged by many hospitals. Our transparent policy on costs is available under the COSTS section please click on COSTS to view it. We request you to CONTACT US for more patient specific cost information.


International patients may kindly go through the International patients section also.


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Health Care Tip :
Liposuction, Tummy Tuck, Breast Surgeries Are Safe And do not have any side effects.

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