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Indosurgery > Duodenal Switch with Biliopancreatic Diversion - India

Duodenal Switch with Biliopancreatic Diversion India - Obesity Surgery

This Bariatric surgery has twin Objectives. One is stomach reduction and two, rerouting of small intestines. The reduced stomach size reduces intake of food and the switched intestines greatly reduce absorption of food nutrients. This combined effect results in reduced calories, consumption of stored body fat and weight loss. Now days both the procedures i,e, duodenal switch and Biliopancreatic diversion are normally done together provided the case is not complicated, necessitating separate surgeries for the two in a phased manner. The decision is always subjective. This procedure is also known as BPD / DS.


This surgery is more complicated than the other obesity surgeries.


It is done in Two Stages :

First Stage : Stomach Reduction.

About 70% of the stomach is surgically removed leaving it in a slim banana shape. Since the hunger hormone producing tissues in the stomach are reduced, less of it is produced and one feels less hungry. Secondly the small size of the stomach fills up quickly after a small meal. The upper portion of the duodenum and the pylorus are not disturbed, this allows natural controlled emptying of food in small intestine and absorption of nutrients like iron, calcium, protein, Vitamin B 12 etc.


Second Stage : Duodenal Switch And Biliopancreatic Diversion.

After stomach reduction comes the stage when the intestines are rerouted or switched, as the name suggests, so that the food and the digestive juices do not mix and travel together in the small intestine. This is to induce Malabsorption.


In this stage the small intestine is bisected in such a manner that the lower portion of the small intestine is brought up and connected to the duodenum, it will now carry only food from the stomach.


The upper portion of the small intestine will now carry only the secretions and juices from the bilio limb consisting of Liver, Gallbladder and the Pancreas.


These two sections of the intestine meet at common tract which then connects to the large intestine.

This re - arrangement achieves two objectives. First the food does not mix with the digestive juices from the bilio limb until it reaches the common tract. This results in malabsorption. Second with the switching of the upper portion of the small intestine with the lower portion the secretion of hormone that helps converting food into fat is greatly restricted and so is the secretion of insulin. This results in controlling both type 2 diabetes and fat.


The surgeon may recommend removal of gallbladder to avoid formation of gallstones following the duodenal switch surgery. Removal of appendix may be recommended too.


The Surgery is done under General Anesthesia and takes roughly 4 hours or more to complete.


This surgery can be done in two ways one is open surgery in which a long incision is made. The second method is laparoscopic. This is less invasive, entire surgery is done through 4 to 6 abdominal punctures. The laparoscopic method is the preferred option but in some cases it may not be clinically possible and the only option left would be the first method.


Immediately after the Duodenal switch and Biliopancreatic Diversion Surgery patient will not be given any oral diet . . . . More >>


Results of Duodenal switch and Biliopancreatic Diversion Surgery are rapid weigh loss . . . . More >>


Currently Duodenal switch and Biliopancreatic Diversion Surgery is performed In India at Mumbai and Delhi by Reputed Senior experienced surgeons.


Cost Of Duodenal Switch and Biliopancreatic Diversion Surgery

The cost depends on procedure type, open or laparoscopic, patient condition, choice of ward and hospital . . . . More >>


Surgeons are committed to reasonable costs and excellent results.


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